We do make a difference

Do you ever have those days after a LONG day of teaching and wonder did I reach ANYONE today? You begin to question why you are a teacher or if you are doing enough.  I had one of those days yesterday.  I was really down on myself and those questions were screaming in my head.  I vented to a fellow coworker and went home and had a couple glasses of wine.  Wine makes EVERYTHING clearer.  I spent some quality time with my babies and hubby and then had a pretty decent nights sleep.  Well as decent as you can get with a 5 month old who still wakes up to eat!

This morning I woke up feeling ready for the day.  I knew I had a guest teacher/speaker coming to my class first thing in the morning and I couldn't have been happier.  Since I returned from maternity leave I have spent everyday looking for missing things and stuck at my desk pumping during my special and lunch break.  Needless to say not much was getting done.  So I took the time to finally get organized and it feels GREAT!  After she left I felt reinvigorated and had a fantastic day of teaching.

I realized that I am not a bad teacher.  Those questions are what a great teacher does to make herself better.  Yesterday was a perfect kick in the pants to remind me that I AM doing what I am supposed to.  I care about the kids and I strive to make them better everyday.  


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