French Lick Blogger Meet Up 2016

Another epic time was had at the French Lick Blogger Meet-Up 2016!!! Holly Ehle and her amazing crew knocked it out of the park again.  There were about 200 like minded teachers who were ready to "Take Their Passion and Make It Happen". 

What a fitting theme for this group.  I wish words could explain the feeling you get when there is a group of people who just "get it".  There is no drama or negative Nancy's.  There is just a room full of people who want to learn, share, connect, and collaborate. Amazing!


The Like Totally Radical 80's Party

This was like the first 80's party I have ever like been to.  
I was born in the 80's.  I lived the 80's, but I had no idea what to wear.  I put a message on facebook and one of my retired coworkers brought this.  

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