Show off Your Piles and Classroom Management Tips Double Linky Party!


Summer Piles Linky
Summer is about halfway over for me and I have to say I feel unrested because I can't stop thinking about school stuff!  I don't think I am the only one.  If I was we wouldn't have a linky about piles of stuff!  I would like to thank Christina Bainbridge at Buntings, Books, and Bainbridge for hosting this linky!  Be sure to head back to her blog to feel better about your summer hoarding.  You aren't the only one, TRUST me!

So if you are like me you shop the dollar section at Target like an addict!  I walk down the aisles so slowly hoping to find the bit of buried treasure.  Every once in a while there is a true gem, but nothing like back to school time.  I have made friends with one of the managers at our local Target and asked her when they would start putting stuff out for teachers.  She told me to come check it out on July 7th.  So I have been patiently waiting for this day to come.  If you know me patience is NOT my strong suit and unfortunately for my children that is one of the traits they received from me.  So lucky!  

Today was the DAY!  So around 11, I put the kids to bed and asked my husband for the credit card.  That is ALWAYS bad news when I go to Target with the credit card.  It is bad news on a normal day, but back to school time. Fuggetaboutit!  When I got there I noticed it wasn't what I expected.  There were definitely some new items, but not the big moment I expected.  Nonetheless, I still found some gems!  They were actually trying to clear some stuff out for the back to school stuff, so a lot of the stuff was 70%!!!! I am a sucker for a sale!  

The square baskets in the back, jump ropes, fry holders, and mechanical pencils were all .30 a piece!  WHAT!  I bought all of the square baskets they had! Everything else was .90.  The yellow bins have to be my favorite purchase though.  I bought 7!  A little much? Maybe!  Ask me what I am going to do with this stuff... Gosh I don't know!  But seriously would YOU have passed up that deal?  Yeah I didn't think so!

I am really excited about the fry containers because awhile ago I pinned this activity!

I also found this awesome idea for a writing center using flashcards.  I found great flashcards at Target about the United States and Dinosaurs that I plan to incorporate into my writing centers too!

So I hope you feel a little better about your summer piles.  I know I do!

Classroom Management Linky
I would like to thank Mel D at Seusstastic and Freebie-Licious for hosting this Classroom Management Linky!  I love classroom management strategies.  What worked for you with one class may not work for another group, so it is always nice to hear what others have done and have them ready in your back pocket.  
Now I would like to share something with you that I have been working on for days.  I am kind of obsessed with lemons lately thanks to Krista Wallden ! I am so excited about it! It is the biggest and best item I have ever created!

A couple of years ago I got to go to a Harry Wong conference!  I LOVE him and it was so amazing to hear him, his wife, and one of his team members talk about the first days of school.  It really is important and gets you started on the right foot.

So after I saw him I came back to school and wanted to change everything!  Which is totally fine if is wasn't April.  So I started slowly by introducing procedures and believe it or not the kids caught on fast.

The following year I worked on my behavior plans.  The first thing I started using was a note for forgotten homework.  I am calling it my Sour Note.  

This is a great resource to have.  The kiddos fill out the form with what the missing assignment was and why they didn't turn it in.  You put the top half in their file and the bottom half goes home to be signed. You now have it at your fingertips when you have a angry  happy parent calling to rave about their child.  It works every time!  

The next thing I created was a Cool It! Note.  

This note is quietly slipped to the student during class time to remind them to choose the right behavior.  After you are done teaching your lesson or whatever you may be doing at the time you pull the student aside and you have a conference about their poor choice.  I am telling you it doesn't usually go much further than this.  I write notes on the note and put it in their file. Done!  

The final note it a Bitter Behavior Note. 

This is for multiple times being asked to Cool It! or a behavior that goes above and beyond a warning.  The student fills it out at school.  Then they take the bottom portion home to be signed by the parents. The final step is a detention, but honestly I did not give any out last school year.  

In my Classroom Management Pack I also included by favorite whole classroom management plan.  I turned it into the ever popular bunting. 

 The saying this time is "Good Behavior is Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy". This is so simple to do!  You move the lemon slice to the next letter whenever the class as a whole is doing good.  Usually if they get started right away on morning work, working quietly, compliment from someone other than myself, or doing a fire drill the right way. When they get to the last letter they have to stay there for the whole day.  If they do you get to pick one of the reward cards.  I created 21 different things to do and most of them are FREE!  Who doesn't love free.

This seriously is the perfect combination of tools for the beginning of the year or when all else fails.  Give it a try and don't forget to link up with your summer piles or classroom management strategies!

On a side note I am in the process of creating a classroom blog.  I know others have done it and the parents seem to be really receptive and thankful to have a place to be a fly on the wall in their child's classroom.  I know I would be! (Yep! Helicopter Parent (I use restraint though) right here!  Anywhoo... I am having trouble coming up with a catchy name for the blog.  So I am asking all of you wonderfully talented people for your suggestions.  If I pick your name for the blog I will give you my Classroom Management Tools for FREE!  So comment with your idea and email.  I will have my awesome hubby help me pick. I will announce the winner as soon as we decide on my facebook page, so come like me!


  1. Thanks for linking up and showing off your piles. There must be a support group somewhere for us Dollar Spot addicts!

    Your "On a sour note..." note is too cute!

    Thanks for linking up!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

  2. If there isn't a support group then we need to start one, but then that just may get ugly! Thank you and thanks again for having me!

  3. Hi Stacey,
    I enjoyed your blog and wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Leibster Award. You can check out my latest post for more details.


    1. Thank you SOO much for the nomination! I am working on my post now. How fun and exciting!

  4. I just discovered your blog, and I have to say, you ROCK!! I love your lemon theme and the behavior management system you have in place. I know how it is to change things up to fit the specific needs of a class, so this will definitely work for me. Do you have any suggestions for multiple classes? I have 4. One thing I was thinking was to make 4 different signs, but if you have a simpler idea, I'd love for you to share. Thanks so much!!

  5. Thanks! I love that you said I rock! Coolest compliment to date! I am kind of obsessed with this lemonade stuff. LOL With 4 different classes you could have 4 different markers. I was thinking of using colored clothespins on mine. Maybe use some washi tape to make them look different from each other.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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