Reading Strategies and Comprehension Skills at Your Fingertips

I have been easing myself into D5 over the past few years.  Last Spring I really started focusing on the Meet with the Teacher area of D5.  I was trying to prepare activities to go along with reading strategies and comprehension skills and it was taking FOREVER!  I don't know about you, but I like to do as little prep as possible.  I came across this great idea from Teaching My Friends.  She uses these file folders in her classroom and she posted a few ideas of anchor charts, but not a link to printable anchor charts.  So I made it my mission to create anchor charts to put in file folders with ready made activities that can be reused.  Well.... it has been a really busy summer.  And.... I haven't found time to focus on it.  So I asked around and found Sarah Kirby's Reading Comprehension Posters and Reading Strategy Posters.  They are absolutely PERFECT and I couldn't believe that I even thought of recreating the wheel.  So I got them and this is what I have done so far with them.   The cool thing about Sarah's posters is she created several for each skill.  So the activities that I put on the right side can be used for differentiation or just to mix it up when we practice the skill throughout the year.

I decided to put the poster on the inside of the file folder for a couple of reasons. 1) I can file them away in my desk and the posters won't get ruined and 2) I can stand them up to display them for the whole group. Genius!

I plan to use these in two different ways.  I want to start by using them in my small groups to reinforce the skills and strategies that I am teaching during my mini lessons.  Then after they have had some practice with it I would like to throw them into their RTI centers to reinforce it even further.  

I am so excited to try this with my firsties this year!  Thank you Sarah Kirby!  Go check out Permanently Primary to find other great things!


  1. What a great idea! I'm a resource teacher and work with kiddos in lots of rooms and lots of places! This is a great way to bring t.he chart to them. Thank you!

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