Wordless Wednesday- Kids Say the Funniest Things

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So we all know that kids say WHATEVER is on their mind, but I gotta tell you this has been the FUNNIEST thing I have ever had asked of me!!!  Let me put all guards down here and tell you that I am a YOUNG 31 years old.  My students must think I am ancient!  One little boy raised his hand and asked...

I could not even contain my hysterical laughter!!!

Please share your funniest moment with a student.  I can't wait to have a few laughs!

Wordless Wednesday- Book of the Week

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What are you reading with your class right now?  What is your favorite read aloud?  This is The Giraffe, and the Pelly, and Me by Roald Dahl.  I have never read it before, but so far the kiddos are super engaged!



Wordless Wednesday- Earth Day!

Welcome back to another Wordless Wednesday hosted by Sugar and Spice!

What do your or your school do to promote Earth Day?  We kick it off with an assembly presented by our local "Green Team".

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Creative Freebies with Creative Clips Link Up

I am joining in a link up to help Krista from Creative Clips celebrate 10,000 fans.  She has been so unbelievably generous with her freebies, so what better way to thank her than show her how much we appreciate her clip art.  If you have a freebie that you have used her art in, feel free to link up between April 9th and April 16th over at A Tale of 2 First Grades!

-Freebies must be created with the majority of clip art being Creative Clips
-Grab the "Creative Freebies" button and share the news about the link party
-Have fun collecting your freebies

My freebie is something I created for my own needs, but thought maybe there were some more parents out there who have a child with specials needs who would find it helpful.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has created with her amazing art work!


Bright Ideas- Classroom Decor on a Budget

Everyone knows that teachers are not rich in the true sense of the word.  We are, however, very rich when it come to creativity, passion, and love.  I am here to share how to have cute classroom decor on a budget.

This school year I decided I needed a cohesive look in my classroom.  I was tired of walking into my classroom and feeling like I was walking into a hodge podge room.  My first step was to use the same color bulletin board paper and same bulletin board trim.  I wish I would have waited until I moved into my new classroom, but I am a very impatient person.  Now due to less bulletin boards in the new classroom I think I have enough bulletin board trim to cover another 1-2 classrooms.  When I bought my trim I paid about $20.  I think if I would have waited I would have spent $5-10.  That really isn't that bad.  I also invested in a fadeless fabric/paper, so I should be able to use this theme for several years.

I also have gobs of scrapbook paper lying around my house for that day that I will find time to finish my 5 year old son's 1st year scrapbook.  You know what I am talking about moms!  I used the scrapbook paper to create ink friendly buntings.  I simply created a blackline triangle on Keynote and hit print.  Then I traced as many triangles as I could on the back of several different scrapbook papers that matched my pink and green theme.  I cut them out and laminated each triangle.  For one set I printed letters in a cute font and glued them to the triangle before I laminated to create a personalized bunting for my desk area.  After everything was cut out I punched two holes (one in each corner) and cut different colored ribbon.  Tied them together and VOILA!  The best part was I didn't have to listen to my hubby whining about ink!  They are the perfect touch to my classroom.

My calendar has seen better days, but I just am not in a place to be able to replace everything.  So I took the matching border that I have gobs of and turned it so the scallop is facing out.  It actually looks better than it did originally! 

Speaking of up cycling.  My students have cardboard boxes that they keep their books in for Daily 5. Cardboard only lasts so long with kids.  This summer my husband and I got out the duct tape and went to town!  I really had no idea there were so many cute duct tape patterns.  I love each and every book box and they are holding up quite nicely!

Last way to decorate with a budget is to strategically use student work.  Check out my new board for my objectives.  I have some major seasonal plans for this baby!  

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Wordless Wednesday

I am linking up with Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday.

How do you post your objectives?


Spring Blogger Meet-Up Blog Hop

Just a couple of weeks ago I was part of a fabulous meet-up!  I made so many friends and got to meet people I only stalked on blogs and Facebook.  It was an awesome experience!!

Holly from Ehle Kindergarten Connections was the coordinator of this major event.  She contacted a ton of vendors and got us all some amazing swag and the decorations were provided by Schoolgirl Style.  It was an EVENT!

We ALL received not yet released Scento marker packs and Scento rainbow pens, Erin Condren gift cards, Vera Bradley bags, and Jamberry Nail samples.  

There was also raffles for many great prizes including a SDE conference giveaway, Crayola products,  Boogie Boards, and a Hue Document Camera.

I won classroom accessories from Creative Teaching Press.  I can't believe how cute everything is!  I am looking forward to hanging this in my classroom.  Especially the number line!

We also were able to bring in a favorite tool for the Teacher Tool Swap.  We played a cute game where we passed the wrapped tool left and right and left and so on.  I brought a staple remover made by Tul.  I LOVE my flat staple remover.  It is so easy to take the staples out quickly and neatly. 

I received Command Hooks.  I am SO EXCITED that I got this because we are NOT allowed to hang anything on the walls... yet.  We just moved into our new building over Christmas break and they are waiting for the paint to "cure".  Uh huh!  I am hoping they let up on that soon.  I will still be a little OCD about my walls though because they are drywall, so these Command Hooks are absolutely perfect for me!!!

Our meet-up was not entirely giveaways and swaps.  When you get that many like minded people in one room there is bound to be something to be learned.  I actually already blogged last weekend about 3 Techie Blogger Tips that I learned.  Simple to some, but eye opening to me.  But there were a few things that I left out.

1)  Pool Noodles as Base Ten Blocks:  
OMG!!!  Look at my group picture at the top.  My friend, Connie, in the white sweater brought these as her Teacher Tool Swap.  All I can say is, "WAHHHH WHY DIDN'T I WIN THIS!!!".  

I have scoured stores around me to make them for my class and the "Polar Vortex" has delayed this creation.  Kindergarten Smorgasboard blogged about them {here}.  Basically you cut pool noodles into ten sticks and units and you have an oversized version of those little base ten blocks.  I KNOW my kiddos will enjoy reviewing with these gems.  Now if warm weather would please hurry up!

2) Pinterest by Mel D from Seusstastic:  
We got a little sneak peek on what can be expected at the Las Vegas TPT conference.  Let me just tell you that Melissa is the Queen of Pinterest.  That's right... the QUEEN!  Here is what I learned:  
1st: Only pin from the blog post or be sure that the pin goes to a the correct place.  People are pinning from you because you are finding valuable resources.  
2nd:  When creating a blog post be sure to also create a pin worthy picture (see my 3rd bullet point).  People scan Pinterest quickly.  It is so important to be able to catch their eye within 1-5 seconds.  Think bright and bold plus give it a great description
3rd: When pinning be sure not to only self promote.  Pinterest can be a great (free) promotion for yourself, BUT that will turn people off.  Mel suggests pinning 5 other pins to your one.

3) Cools Apps shared by Dana from Common to the Core:
I am always so envious of those amazing jazzed up pics on Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, and Facebook.  How do they do it?  Dana shared a list of favorite photo editing apps.
-A Beautiful Mess- great app for your phone
-Phonto- you can use your fonts on your pics

So many fabulous tips! 

So, I am not here to brag about all of the AMAZING things we got.  We were so excited about it we thought someone else should get in on the action too!  You can enter to win ALL of the prizes pictured below and more.  It that awesome or what?!  Simply follow this hop all the way to the end to find the rafflecopter.
Good luck!

Next up in the hop is Lindsey from Miss Law's Kinder.  Go check out all the fun she had at the meet-up and the cool things she learned!

 photo rsz_miss_laws_kindergarten_class004_zps2e8040ff.png


Wordless Wednesday!

I am linking up with Sugar and Spice for her first Wordless Wednesday.  Check out her blog for more details.

What is the best classroom related product you have gotten in the mail?


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