Wishlist Wednesday- Writing Activities featuring The Groovy Cat

Eekk! I am so excited to be linking up with Jen from Teacher by the Beach for my first Wishlist Wednesday. 

Here is how it works:

End of the Year Teacher Gift Book

I want to share a great idea I found for a gift to give your child's teacher at the end of the year, but before I do I have to be a mommy and share some exciting news.  My son just graduated from Kindergarten {insert sobbing noises}!!!  I cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that I am going to have a 1st grader.  I feel like I was just sitting here on my computer blogging about our summer Kindergarten prep plans.  Seriously if you are a new mom or heck even a seasoned mom stop reading this, go hug your babies, and then come back.  They grow up WAY TO FAST!  Look at how his baby face changed over the last school year.


Art Themed Birthday Party

I have been dying to have an Art themed birthday party for one of my little ones for a few years now.  I was finally able to convince my soon to be 3 year old daughter that this was a perfect party for her.  I can give her a set of watercolor paints and she will paint for about 30-60 minutes.  It is a magical time for mommy!  
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