French Lick Blogger Meet Up 2016

Another epic time was had at the French Lick Blogger Meet-Up 2016!!! Holly Ehle and her amazing crew knocked it out of the park again.  There were about 200 like minded teachers who were ready to "Take Their Passion and Make It Happen". 

What a fitting theme for this group.  I wish words could explain the feeling you get when there is a group of people who just "get it".  There is no drama or negative Nancy's.  There is just a room full of people who want to learn, share, connect, and collaborate. Amazing!

I was taken back by the creativity that went into the videos created by Chad from The Male Kindergarten Teacher and the messages that were spoken by fellow bloggers and Kim Bearden.  Here is one of them, but be sure to check out Chad's YouTube page to view them all.

The break out sessions were so informative.  In 15 minutes you only are able to scratch the surface, but boy did these people have a wealth of information to share.  I visited Katie Mense from Little Kinder Warriors, Jodi Southard from Fun in First, Mel D from Seusstastic, and Maria Gavin from Kindercraze. Here is one tiny piece that I took away from each one. Trust me there was SO much more!

Katie on blogging...
Katie said do what feels right to you.  Blog the way you want to blog.  Don't compare yourself to others.

Jodi on Writing...
Jodi spoke about many different ways to engage her little writers.  My favorite was the writing using the colors of the rainbow which she blogged about {here}.

Mel D on Pinterest...
Mel stresses creating pin"able" images with an accurate description.  Also create a unique look that can be easily recognized by others quickly.

Maria on TPT...
Well... our session went off topic. :). We spoke about blog analytics using Alexa and how to monetize your blog.

                                                                                     One of the favorite events of the meet-up is the teacher tool swap.  I loved my "It's Worth It" box last year from Christina DeCarbo so much that I decided to buy that gift as my tool this year. (Side note... super sad she couldn't make it this year)

I received my gift from Megan at First Grade Roars.  She gifted some large bins to use for trash receptacles during craft projects or during interactive notebook time.  There were also some metallic markers and small containers to use at small group tables for manipulatives .  All were absolutely perfect for me!  Look how it matches my classroom.

There were some generous donations that were for raffle.  I was the lucky winner of a $25 TPT gift card.  I was so excited!!!

We ended the luncheon gathering our swag.  But the event was far from over!  Click {here} to read about our like totally radical 80's party!!

Before the 80's party I participated in a scavenger hunt started by It All Started with Flubber.  I am a sucker for scavenger hunts, but ran out of time to finish this one.  I did really enjoy exploring the French Lick hotel and finding places I had not discovered in my three years of attending the retreat. Great idea ladies!

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