The Like Totally Radical 80's Party

This was like the first 80's party I have ever like been to.  
I was born in the 80's.  I lived the 80's, but I had no idea what to wear.  I put a message on facebook and one of my retired coworkers brought this.  

I was a nervous wreck about wearing it because I knew almost everyone would be in neon and leg warmers.  That was mostly true, but Vera (The Tutu Teacher) encouraged me to be different and go for it.

The shoulder pads were a huge hit!

Mel D and I arrived early because she and a group of amazing teachers were planning a Flashdance surprise.  I got a chance to get a preview and take this picture of the crew.

Here is the epic dance caught on video!

Holly and her crew once again out did themselves with 80's posters ALL over the room, a perfect 80's playlist, board games on the tables, and themed glasses and pins.  It was totally cool!

Mel and I took advantage of the photo booth provided by GoNoodle before a line formed.  I never know what to do in those things.

If there were a Best Dressed award these two would definitely get the biggest prize.  They walked in and OWNED the place.  I couldn't stop watching.  They stayed in character for the whole night.  It was radical!

How could you not have a great time when this is the group of people you get to spend the evening with.  I love this meet-up!!!

I can't wait until next year!

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