Class Messenger- An Easier Way to Communicate with Parents

This school year I was introduced to a new communication app called Class Messenger.  It is a completely free and user friendly app/website that allows you to send messages to a group of people.  The preschool teacher at my school also happens to be my daughter's preschool teacher.  She introduced me to the app at the beginning of the year.   She has been using it for the past three years.  I signed up and it was so easy!  Class Messenger has these easy directions to send or give to parents at Open House.

I love that the app allows for notifications, so similar to a text message the parents are alerted immediately.  There is also an option for emailing the parent. My husband takes advantage of the emails and I get alerted with the app.  Here is what it looks like on the parent settings page.  

You can choose which email address the messages go to as well as customizing when you would like to be notified.  I liked this feature for the teacher side of it.  You can choose to only receive alerts during certain hours or completely take the weekend off.  This is nice for those days that you just need to disconnect.  Trust me I have been there!

This is what it looks like from the teacher's point of view on the settings page.  

It is so easy to change the information.  My favorite part of this whole app is the fact that I can upload a picture, so if I forget to send a note home I can easily snap a picture and send it to the whole class or just one student.
I am looking forward to streamlining the way I communicate with parents!  Can you imagine the uses for this?!

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