Accelerated Reader Program

AR is a BIG to do in 2nd Grade!

My team makes a HUGE deal out of AR.  It was something that was in place when I joined the team and I think it is an excellent way to motivate the kids.  Every month we set a goal for the students to meet.  We usually start the beginning of the year with something smaller, usually 2 points.  That typically equates to 4 smaller books like a Clifford book.  We slowly raise the goal each month and adjust for short months.  By the end of the year I think we expect 4 points.  The students who read chapter books usually go above and beyond.

Students gathered in the hub
So at the beginning of each month we gather all of the 2nd grade students together to celebrate and recognize the past months goal reachers.  We are lucky enough to have a hub to accommodate all 6 classes.  Before we come together students are given a slip for every 1/2 point they receive.  They put their name and teachers name on the slip and put it in a bucket for a chance to win prizes. We begin by calling off the names of the students who reached their goal.  They stand and we all get really excited for them.  Next, we recognize the top 3 students from each class who went above and beyond.  We usually give these students a free homework pass or free meal ticket to one of their favorite restaurants.  We have also given stuffed animals that have been donated by families in the past.  Then, we pull 3 names out of each of our buckets.  These students get to have lunch and a movie with a teacher.  They LOVE this!  
Here I am calling off my Goal Reachers
AR slips that the students fill out for chances
This sign is attached to our bucket or basket where the chances go

Finally, we combine all of the slips into one large container.  This is where the students get REALLY excited!  We have an administrator help with this.  He pulls the ticket out of the bucket, but doesn't call out the name right away.  He usually gives clues.  Here is an example of some: 

-The name on this slip is someone who read a book and took a quiz.
-This person is a 2nd grader.
-This person's teacher has 2 syllables

Our Dean of Students 
Super Secret picture of the GRAND PRIZE

The kids get a kick out of the obvious clues.  He finally announces it after the students have been shouting out the answer to him for some time.  It is really cute how bashful the student they think it is gets.  The winner sits in front of the kids and is presented with the GRAND PRIZE.  It is a bucket filled with all sorts of goodies like free homework passes, jolly ranchers, Happy Meal toys, bracelets, etc.  We then announce to the monthly goal winners what their prize is.  We try to do something pretty big.  It starts off small at the beginning of the year and gets more exciting as the year progresses.  We have done game days, free recess and ice pops, nachos, ice cream sundaes, tops made out of cd's, bubble blowers we call "foam-r-ators", and we end the year with a Beach Party.  The kids who reached their goal every month or only missed one month receive the Beach Party. In the past I have kept a chart to keep track of these kids, but this year I am giving each student a punch card.  The Beach Party usually lasts an hour.  We typically take them outside and play games, give them visors, and popsicles.  It is really fun!  The teachers and the students both love the AR Ceremony.  It is something we look forward to each month and it truly encourages reading.


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Year long AR Punch Cards

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