Getting Back into the Swing of Things with Daily 5

I will be starting my 4th week back to work on Monday.  I have to say I am so thankful it is a short week.  I can't wait for all of the good food on Thursday and an extra couple of days to spend with my family! 
 I have been busily working to get my class back where I am used to it being.  Two weeks ago I began introducing Daily 5.  We started with "Read to Self".  This is only my second year doing Daily 5 and it is amazing how it happens exactly how The Sisters describe it to happen.  It is so neat watching them be so engaged in their books and how they are excited to find that they added time to their stamina.  Last week I introduced "Read to Someone".  A couple of the days I just sat back and listened to them read aloud to their partners and I had the biggest grin on my face.  They were reading to each other with so much expression and laughing about the stories they were reading.  I also heard them talking about what they read and helping each other if they got stuck.  It is absolutely amazing!  I found some great resources on TpT for D5 by and Mel D at  They have Daily 5 freebies that I started using with my kiddos.  I especially liked the check marks that remind the students to "Check for Understanding".  Here they are in action.

I loved how engaged my student on the left is.  The student on the right is describing what was read and she is talking with her hands like crazy!

They just read something really funny.
I love how the check mark really reminds them of their task.
I would love to hear your successes with Daily 5!

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