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Hey Everybody! Welcome to my new blog, Teaching Ever After!  I am excited to begin sharing all of the great things that are happening in my classroom.  This is my 6th year of teaching.  I started off in Kindergarten and now happily reside in 2nd grade.

I just returned from maternity leave this past week.  I had my beautiful daughter, Norah, in June.  I also have a handsome little 3 year old, Gavin.  I'm not sure why they call it the "Terrible-Two's" because I have to say 3 has been so much more trying!  I love my kiddos to death and missed them terribly last week.  I am so happy it is the weekend!  I am sure you will hear a lot about what they are doing.  I am so proud of every little thing they do!  Gavin was born with Cerebral Palsy, so his milestones are a time to celebrate.  His CP is very mild, but he is still unable to walk, but he WILL get there!  He also has a peanut allergy that I blog about at Norah started rolling over about 3 weeks ago and is OBSESSED! That is great except for the fact that she can't get herself back and she cries until you flip her over.  I turn my back and she is back on her belly! Ugh she is a pistol!

Since I have been on maternity leave things haven't been the most consistent in my classroom.  We started the year off with one substitute and she got a full time job several weeks into the leave.  So they hired a retired teacher to cover the rest of my leave.  Needless to say I am spending some time on classroom management. They are a nice group of kids, but I just prefer things a certain way. LOL!  They are VERY quick learners.  I already have them saying, "May I please..." I love it!  My husband thinks I am crazy for making them say that, but I think it's great!


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