Ten Pin Linky Week Two: Classroom Management

I happened across ANOTHER linky party hosted by Just Reed. Two in one day for me is an accomplishment! She is hosting a linky this week of your top 10 favorite classroom management pins.  I LOVE Pinterest and I had no difficulties going through my School board to find 10 cool classroom management ideas.  I have to admit 2 of them are mine, but they really are a positive motivator in my classroom. I am CRAZY about them!  Check out #2 or #6 to see what I am talking about! :) 

   These reward coupons seem to cool to me.  They are actually my coworker, Mel D's, creation.  She is at http://www.seustasstic.blogspot.com  

Once again this is my creation, but it is so motivating.  You move the race car each time you catch the class behaving as a whole group.  When they get to the last letter they receive a prize from the treasure box.

I don't know what it is about homework, but I can NOT keep track of who has or hasn't turned theirs in.  This seemed like a great idea!

I have heard nothing but great things about Warm Fuzzies!

5. Puzzle

I love the idea of the class working together to create something!

This is mine too.  It is the same concept as #2.

My students LOVE brain breaks.  I use these when we are doing a lot of testing or they just need to get their wiggles out.  These are two of my favorites!

Such a cool idea!

I had an "I'm Done" poster this year and I ALWAYS referred the students to that.  This seemed cuter than my poster.


I just thought these were plain ADORABLE!

I hope you enjoy some of these classroom management pins!


  1. The quiet critters are too cute!Thanks for sharing.

  2. I actually saw something similar to the quiet critters at Target in the $1 section just the other day!


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