Lemonade Themed Pack for Accelerated Reader

Earlier this year I blogged about what my team does for Accelerated Reader, but in case you missed it I am going to tell you about it again.  I also just created this super cute Lemonade Themed Pack using Krista Wallden's Lemonade Stand Graphics pack to go along with our fun celebration.  I thought it was too adorable not to use right away.

So onto the real topic...  My team came up with this idea before I joined, but it is really one of my favorite things that we do.  We have a monthly AR celebration to encourage the kiddos to reach their goal and more importantly... READ!  Each month we set a goal for the students to reach.  It is usually 2-4 points depending on the length of the month or breaks that we will have.  At the beginning of the following month we have a celebration to recognize the great readers.  Many things happen during this celebration.  

First, the students receive AR slips for each half point they get.  

These AR slips go into a bucket to later be used in the drawings.  

I made this bucket using the bucket art that is included in my AR pack.  It was super easy!

You need a bucket (I got my from Target for $1.99), Mod Podge, and paint brushes or a sponge.  

As you can see my husband had other plans for the bucket. LOL!

I put a thin layer of the Mod Podge down on the bucket.  Then I smoothed the picture down.  Finally I added another thin layer of the Mod Podge.  I did go around the edges of the bucket with a paper towel because I had a lot of extra Mod Podge, but I have to say for it being my first time it was SOOO easy!

We gather all of the students in the hub for the celebration.

  They look forward to it EVERY month.  We first announce the students who reached their monthly goal.  Then, we announce the Top 3 readers from every class. 

 We usually give them a free homework pass (I like to laminate these and re-use them), I-Pad time, game time, etc.  After that, we draw 3 names from the AR bucket from each class.  These students get to have lunch and a movie with the teacher of the month.  Finally, we combine all of the AR slips into one giant bin and we draw one name for the grand prize.  The grand prize is toys, free kids meals, and other miscellaneous items we have collected.  The kids LOVE it!  

Grand Prize bucket

You are probably wondering what the goal reachers receive.  Each month we try to come up with something new that doesn't cost anything or not much.  Our school has a small fund we use or we ask our Parent Organization for money.  We have done recess, game day, snacks, pajama day, and my favorite, foam-r-ators!  Follow this link to see how to make the ever popular foam-r-ators.  We start collecting Gatorade bottles a month or two before we need them.  My awesome husband cuts the end off with his saw (wish I had a pic of this).  Then we attach socks or old towels to the end with a rubber-band.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

I hope you enjoy!

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