HP Instant Ink Program

Have you heard about the HP Instant Ink Program?

NO?! Wait until you hear about this.  

Yes... Well, why haven't you signed up yet?

When I first heard about it from some other blogger friends I thought it was too good to be true.  No more expensive Target runs for ink and let's face it... anything else that jumped into my cart? No more worrying about how much ink something will use?  It gets delivered to my door? It is inexpensive?

You can understand my concerns right?

Trust me friends it is completely legit.  We finally took the plunge this past August.  We went to our local Staples and picked up the HP Officejet Pro 8630.  It was one of the pricier qualifying printers, but with me being a teacher and my husband a realtor we needed all of the bells and whistles.  Staples had some coupons and so did HP.  We were able to get the 1st four months of the ink program FREE! We didn't pay a dime for ink until March.  I actually still have 2 original cartridges in the printer that came with it.  The starter inks last awhile, so that prolongs the amount of time until you start paying.  I started using it immediately for Back to School stuff.

You do have to have an eligible printer to sign up, but there are so many choices.

Here is the link to the printer I currently have. I have been very pleased with the quality and pace.

Here are some other options too...

They have 3 plans...

We are currently enrolled in the most expensive ink plan.   There is no annual fee and you can change or cancel the type of plan you want at any time.  The 1st few months we did not get close to using our 300 pages, but lately we have been printing fools.  The nice thing is your unused pages rollover (up to 300 pages).  After you use up your allotted pages there is a fee.

You can use ALL the ink you want.  You can print photos, 300 pages in all black ink, a novel...whatever you want!

I don't know how much more I can say about this program, but it truly is amazing.  Click here to see for yourself today! You won't be sorry you took the plunge too. I promise!

As a bonus the box for your new printer makes an awesome bed...

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All of my opinions are my own and I was not asked by HP or Amazon to share my views.  I just truly believe in the product.


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