College Survival Kit

This year I was blessed with a high school senior EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!!  She is a senior interested in becoming a teacher in the future and the high school provides an exploratory program.  Some days I have her for a short time in the morning and other days I have her all afternoon.  I was a little nervous about having the responsibility of a teenager, but I jumped right in and I could not be happier that I did.  She is so responsible, organized, smart, sweet, down to earth, and most importantly... GREAT with the kids.  They adore her.  Sometimes I feel like a second rate teacher as they march past me in the morning to give her a hug, but it is worth it.

She will be attending Indiana State University in the Fall, so another teacher/parent in my grade level had the awesome idea of assembling a College Survival Kit for her.  I sent a note home to the parents requesting donations.  In the note I added specific ideas, but also gave them the liberty to be creative.  They came through in a BIG way!  

When all of the donations were in I found 3 common categories: kitchen, office, and bath.  I sorted the items into the 3 areas and made note of missing items.  Then I went shopping!  

In the kitchen category you will find items such as: Ramen Noodles (A TON OF IT), mac and cheese, lots of popcorn, hot chocolate K-cups to accompany her single serve coffee maker, tumbler, cups, and food storage containers.

In the office category they sent in: a garbage can, paper clips of all sorts, pens, notebooks, dry erase board, stapler, mouse pad, index cards, and tissues.

In the bath category is where I had a lot of fun! I put together a bath caddy with a colorful towel, loofah, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, first aide kit, sandals, nail polish remover, lotion, travel tissues, nail files, hanitizer hand sanitizer, and a pop up laundry basket.

Parents also sent in gift cards and monetary donations.  Remember pouring through ads looking for the perfect dorm room decor?!

I'm so excited to present this to her at the end of the week!

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