Mother's Day Project

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Mother's Day is right around the corner.  I don't know about you, but I am always looking for a way to spice up my gift to the special ladies in my kiddos lives.  This year I happen to have a mom who is
also an elementary art teacher.  While I knew this would spoil the surprise for her I knew that she would love to volunteer in the classroom.  We chatted about what we would like to do and I created a Pinterest board with some painted canvas ideas.  We finally decided on the idea of using tape to create the word love.

We used canvases, sponge brushes, masking tape, and acrylic paint (red, blue, yellow, and orange) for this project.  Click the links for easy ordering.  She used a ruler and pencil before starting the project to divide the canvas into four equal spaces.

The kids were given masking tape and were instructed on how to create each letter in the word love.  The kids actually did an amazing job.  They used a lot of tape, but for the most part handled this pretty independently.  I didn't want to assist too much because the charm of this project is the uniqueness of their letters.

After each letter was taped the kids were given a plate of paint with one color.  They started with the L.  Then she had them switch plates and had them paint the E next.  I am honestly not sure why. Haha! The kids proceeded to paint each letter a different color.

We gave them a day to dry and then in small groups we peeled the tape off.  What do you think of the final results?  I think we will have some very happy moms and a happy teacher for doing this relatively easy project.

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