Three Techie Tips

This past week I was on Spring Break. As you can see from the pics it wasn't much of a SPRING break. It seriously snowed several times!!!

 While I was bundled up in my house I learned 3 Techie Tips that I want to share with you. Many of you may know this already, but I figured that since I didn't know maybe others didn't either.  So here they are:

1)  Have you ever wondered how people who leave comments on blogs leave a link to their blog?  Yeah, me too!  When I was at the Spring Blogger Meet-Up last weekend Hilary from Rockin' Teacher Materials gave me the HTML code to get it done.  So here it is: 

<a href="WebAddressToBlog/">BlogName</a>

Just change the words highlighted in green to fit your needs.

If you do it correctly it will look like this:

2)  Here is another HTML doozy.  How do I get my social media buttons on the sidebar of my blog?  I NEEDED to know this information.  So I called on my good friend google and found this blog post with this super simple video from YouTube.  I got the cute little icons from Barbara @ Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

3)  I have had an Instagram account for awhile now and it is kind of sad in the follower department due to my lack of advertising for it.  I found this awesome widget from Statigram.  It was so easy to grab the html code and set it up.  
~Go to Statigram and sign into your Instagram account.
~Click Promote at the top
~Choose Photo Gallery Widget
~Customize it for your blog
~Grab the Code
~Go to Blogger Layout
~Add A Gadget (in your sidebar)
~Choose HTML/Javascript
~Paste the HTML Code
~Save and Preview

See wasn't that simple!

I hope your Spring Break was/is warmer than mine has been and you found these tips helpful!


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Spring Cleaning with TPT

I am on Spring Break this week and have been doing a little Spring cleaning myself.  My husband built this awesome new entertainment center and it fits ALL of my kiddos small toys.  I am in mommy heaven!  All of the toys are in their own bin.  My OCD side is VERY happy!!!

Well, I have something way more fun than real Spring cleaning... Spring shopping!!!  Now is the perfect time to polish your feedback ( you earn credits towards purchases) and sweep up your wish list. 

Who doesn't love a good sale?!  My mother-in-law for one CANNOT pass up a sale.  If you want something bad enough and you tell her it is on sale it is practically yours.  So today I am telling you to be like my mother-in-law and grab everything you can get your hands on!  After all it is on sale!  Oh and your husband gave me a little message for you!

Please come visit my store, Teaching Ever After, to get 20% off any of my products!  Also, check the link up for a ton of other Spring sales.  



Spring Blogger Meet-Up

I took the plunge out of my shy box this weekend and went to my very first blogger meet-up at the absolutely stunning French Lick Resort. There were more than 50 teachers and bloggers there because we wanted to be! This was not a professional development seminar or a way to earn credits. It was simply a meet-up because we LOVE what we do! I wonder how many down state can say they have done that. :) Anyway, this was such an amazing experience and I am so happy I put myself out there.

We started off the day with a luncheon, teacher tool swap, and a TPT & blogging sharing session.  I learned so much!!  I had no idea how important colored pens were to have! LOL!

Then came the giveaways!  Wow, Holly from Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections out did herself planning this event and getting all sorts of goodies to giveaway.  AMAZING!!!  We got a bag from Vera Bradley, new never released Scento markers and pens, Erin Condren gift certificates, Jamberry nail wraps, and SO MUCH MORE!

I brought my husband along, so I decided to have dinner with him, Mel D from Seusstastic, and her hubby.  This was our first overnight getaway since our son was born 4 1/2 years ago.  We didn't even know what to do with all of the quiet time.  The best part is we were able to carry all of our luggage in with ONE trip.  Parents you know what I am talking about!  You have the pack-n-play, the extra suitcases, bag full of snacks, etc.  IT WAS SO NICE!    After dinner we spent a whopping $20 bucks in about 30 seconds flat in the casino.  Bummer!

Then we all decided to go join the blogger group at the West Baden Hotel for some adult beverages and a "light show".  I use the term light show VERY loosely.  It was a little bit of a let down, but so worth going and hanging out with some very cool people.  I even got to meet Mr. Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  I really should NEVER be allowed out of my house.  I ALWAYS make a scene.

 The next morning my husband and I woke up early and went in the outdoor hot tub.  It had to of been in the 30's outside, but the hot tub was magnificent and the PERFECT way to end our getaway weekend!

Stay posted because we have something planned as a result of our meet-up.  You won't want to miss it.



Mystery Box Giveaway!!

Have you seen this amazing Mystery Box Giveaway???!!!!

 Every month I am devastated that I am not the lucky winner, so this month I am determined to win.  Check out the prizes and you will see why.  I suggest not entering though because I am destined to be the winner!  Just kidding.  Go check it out now.  Good luck!

Organizing Yourself A Month at a Time!

I am so excited to welcome you to the Bright Ideas Blog Hop!!  Thank you for taking the time to check out my bright idea.

  This idea was shared with me years ago from a seasoned teacher and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant.  I joined a team who liked to be ahead of the game.  This meant stacks of papers everywhere!  This eliminates the stacks completely and you are organized for a whole month of teaching.  Can you say AMAZING!  

I have 32 file folders in my file cabinet.  They are labeled 1-31 for the days of the month and one says "Sub Folder".  As my team makes copies I throw them into one of the dated folders where I think I will be using them.  For example, I know I do my reading comprehension test every Friday.  As my teammate makes copies of the tests I am able to pop it into the dated folder.  NO MORE STACKS!!  

The "Sub Folder" contains my generic lesson plans, class list, seating chart, extra work, and important information.

The best part is it is so easy to prepare for a sub or if you have an emergency you can send a teammate over to your room and direct them to the file folder for the day, week, or month if need be.  

I hope you enjoyed my Bright Idea, but there is still more to come!  Next up is Tammy from The Resourceful Apple and she will be sharing with you about Kagan Strategies.  I can't wait to read her post!  You can click the link above to check out her post or go to the link up below for more Bright Ideas!


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