Spring Cleaning with TPT

I am on Spring Break this week and have been doing a little Spring cleaning myself.  My husband built this awesome new entertainment center and it fits ALL of my kiddos small toys.  I am in mommy heaven!  All of the toys are in their own bin.  My OCD side is VERY happy!!!

Well, I have something way more fun than real Spring cleaning... Spring shopping!!!  Now is the perfect time to polish your feedback ( you earn credits towards purchases) and sweep up your wish list. 

Who doesn't love a good sale?!  My mother-in-law for one CANNOT pass up a sale.  If you want something bad enough and you tell her it is on sale it is practically yours.  So today I am telling you to be like my mother-in-law and grab everything you can get your hands on!  After all it is on sale!  Oh and your husband gave me a little message for you!

Please come visit my store, Teaching Ever After, to get 20% off any of my products!  Also, check the link up for a ton of other Spring sales.  


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