Three Techie Tips

This past week I was on Spring Break. As you can see from the pics it wasn't much of a SPRING break. It seriously snowed several times!!!

 While I was bundled up in my house I learned 3 Techie Tips that I want to share with you. Many of you may know this already, but I figured that since I didn't know maybe others didn't either.  So here they are:

1)  Have you ever wondered how people who leave comments on blogs leave a link to their blog?  Yeah, me too!  When I was at the Spring Blogger Meet-Up last weekend Hilary from Rockin' Teacher Materials gave me the HTML code to get it done.  So here it is: 

<a href="WebAddressToBlog/">BlogName</a>

Just change the words highlighted in green to fit your needs.

If you do it correctly it will look like this:

2)  Here is another HTML doozy.  How do I get my social media buttons on the sidebar of my blog?  I NEEDED to know this information.  So I called on my good friend google and found this blog post with this super simple video from YouTube.  I got the cute little icons from Barbara @ Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

3)  I have had an Instagram account for awhile now and it is kind of sad in the follower department due to my lack of advertising for it.  I found this awesome widget from Statigram.  It was so easy to grab the html code and set it up.  
~Go to Statigram and sign into your Instagram account.
~Click Promote at the top
~Choose Photo Gallery Widget
~Customize it for your blog
~Grab the Code
~Go to Blogger Layout
~Add A Gadget (in your sidebar)
~Choose HTML/Javascript
~Paste the HTML Code
~Save and Preview

See wasn't that simple!

I hope your Spring Break was/is warmer than mine has been and you found these tips helpful!

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