Wordless Wednesday- Mother's Day

Thank you again to Sugar and Spice for hosting Wordless Wednesday!!  Head over to her blog to check out more great posts!

So was your Mother's Day everything you dreamed it would be?  I never dreamed I would be laying sod and smoothing out gravel in my backyard, but I was!  I would love to hear what you did on Mother's Day (maybe I can live vicariously through your relaxing weekend)!  Happy Mother's Day to every kind of Mommy!



  1. That doesn't sound fun, but I'm sure you're glad it is done! I have to admit, I was lucky enough to enjoy an afternoon of relaxing while my husband tackled laundry!

  2. I spent the afternoon with my family. I like doing projects together, so I think your Mother's Day was a good one! Even though it wasn't a relaxing one for you. :)
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