Indiana Bloggers Dollar Sale

Indiana Bloggers are at it again!! We are having a Dollar

 Sale on May 25-26.  Check out the linky to see all of the

great products we are offering.

Here are the exciting deals from me!

I created Mamma Mia Pizzeria to help my firsties understand and have more fun with fractions.  They  loved it.  I even went to the local pizza place and got pizza boxes to make things more exciting.  I also included some graphing and basic addition and subtraction activities.

Classroom Management is key to a happy and healthy classroom.  I created Classroom Management Tools out of need with one of my former classrooms.  It really helps the student to take ownership of their actions and to really understand why a undesired behaviors are not okay.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, but I could not get my students feeling the same way.  I created Monthly Writing Journals to encourage students to write about exciting prompts and to encourage the reading of other peer writing samples.

Who doesn't love this Groovy Cat?!  He is an absolute hit in my classroom, so I created the Are You a Groovy Cat Clip Chart to bring in the fun of the Groovy Cat and the desired classroom behaviors.

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to check out the other wonderful items from my friends!

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