Here is to a fresh start! Happy New Year!

I am so curious how my readers spent New Year's Eve?  This past April I turned the big 3-0, so I am sure that is the cause of my lame evening.  Oh, who am I kidding!  I don't think I have celebrated a New Year's Eve in at least 4 years!  I spent my evening with my husband, 4 year old son, and 18 month old daughter.  Ahhh, there is the cause... kids!  They are exhausting and quite honestly I don't like the idea of being out on the road with a bunch of tired and drunk people.  It just isn't worth it!  Am I right?  My husband was so paranoid about drunk people driving through the front of my house (my son's bedroom) that he set up the air mattress and slept with my son in the living room.  I thought he was crazy, but what IF something did happen.  So I enjoyed the bed all to myself!  What did I do with all of that space?  Well I started watching Grey's Anatomy.  I am hooked!  I am sad to say I did NOT make it to midnight.  I think I checked out around 11.  Lame!  But I am not starting my new year tired or hungover!  I think I am off to a good start to 2014.  How are you fairing today?

I have so much energy that I decided to finally participate in Farley's January Currently.  So here is goes...

Listening:  Lately my daughter's favorite thing to do is squeal and scream.  It doesn't matter if she is happy or sad.  I am thankful that she is talking to, so it doesn't make the screaming and squealing intolerable.  In an effort to make her stop this morning I decided to play her new Strawberry Shortcake movie.  It is not working.  As a side note,  I really wish someone would invite Smell'o'vision already though.  Do you remember how good Strawberry Shortcake smelled when you were a kid?!  I wonder if they still come scented???

Loving:  This school year has been VERY trying so far!  Between changing grades, a very difficult group of boys, and moving into a new school I am beyond stressed and DONE!  I went into the new building the first day after break started and made it my goal to get everything unpacked so I wouldn't have to think about school the rest of my break if I didn't want to.  I have been very successful at resting!  Hoping this is the break that I needed to get everyone back in line when we go back.  Here's hoping!
Out with the old...

In with the new!!

Thinking:  I have probably spent 80% of my break in pajamas.  I take a shower and get into jammies again.  It has been lovely!

Wanting:  6 years ago today my husband departed for Disney World for our honeymoon.  We are kids at heart!  We had a great time although it was quite possibly the coldest temps they had ever experienced at Disney.  I did not pack for really cold weather, so I was constantly in layers and my fleece (because my husband told me I wouldn't need my outer shell).  Boy was he wrong!  Anyway, we took a family trip October 2012 and my son has been obsessed ever since.  We constantly are going on YouTube to look at hotels or parks.  We dream about going back probably daily!


Needing:  Like most women I have perpetually cold feet and, as my husband always tells me, butt! LOL!  I can't be the only one right?!I wear slippers, but quite honestly I get tired of being shocked or them falling off.  Does anyone have a really stellar pair of slippers they can recommend?

Memory:  My best memory while on Winter Break has got to be all of the quality family time I have been getting.  Due to my less than perfect class I have been a little disengaged when I get home.  I have been really taking advantage of being stress free and getting in a ton of extra snuggle and play time!  Not only do I love it, but I can tell it was sorely needed by my kiddos and hubby!  I feel like a new woman!

I hope that your 2014 is filled with fabulous moments, forever cherished memories, great health, and good fortune!  I look forward to seeing what my future has in store for me.



  1. I have been in my pjs a lot this break too! I think we deserve it! Teachers work hard and need to relax. :) Happy New Year!
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies 
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  2. Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh! I would totally love to find out what you discover about slippers. I am on a mission this winter to keep my feet warm!
    The Real World First Grade

  3. Happy New Year and hang in there. My first year at a new school with tough kids just about did me in. It did get better. I hope it will for you, too.

  4. Disney is totally awesome! We are big fans at our house too. If you get a Disney Visa, you can wrack up points to be used/saved for tickets/adventures there. Hope you make it there soon. :)


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