I'm still here!

Hey Everybody!  I am still around.  Life just got really busy the last few weeks.  We just celebrated Christmas a couple of days ago.  It was one of the BEST Christmases ever!!! My son, Gavin, who is 3, finally understood what was going on.  We started off with our elf named Joe.  He LOVED finding crazy Joe everyday.  

Then we visited Santa and he about lost it!  We started talking about leaving cookies for Santa and we decided the reindeer needed something too.  He decided on crackers and cheese.  How funny! 

He woke up Christmas morning and went straight to the tree.  It was all so magical!  It was also my daughter, Norah's, first Christmas.  She of course didn't understand yet, but she thought the paper was pretty tasty!  I hope everyone had a great holiday and you are enjoying the break from school!!


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