Fixer Upper Inspired Classroom

I left school in May with my classroom set-up for the start of the new school year.  All of my bulletin boards were done.  I even had switched all of my calendars to August.  I was in need of a stress free beginning.

Well.... somewhere around the middle of July I got the bright idea to create a fixer upper inspired classroom.  I actually think it all stemmed from my classroom library.  I was in need of new containers and new organization.  I began online shopping Amazon, Michaels, Walmart, Joann Fabrics, etc.  I needed a container that was neutral, but sturdy,  I saw a post by Amy Lemons about using wire baskets for her classroom library and I was SOLD.  The problem was I couldn't find affordable and sturdy.

One day when I was KID FREE, I went to a few of the places mentioned above.  I finally made my way to Joann Fabrics.  There I found some great wire basket options, but even at 60% off they were a bit pricey for my taste.  I literally left the store, but as I was walking out I noticed as Teacher Appreciation Sale of an additional 25% off and it ended that day.  I walked my butt right back in, grabbed a flyer, and the nearest employee to confirm I could get the deal on top of a sale. She confirmed that I was!  Seriously 60% & 25% off?! I had to get the baskets.  I also grab some HUGE letters to spell READ for the same deal.  I still spent $200, but I feel like I now have some long lasting containers that will stand up against little first grade fingers.

Does anyone else take pictures of things you want to buy and text them to your hubby? I sent him 3 different versions of the READ letters and the last one he sends a message back, "too serial killer". Oy!  You can see the baskets I purchased behind the D.  Both the letters and baskets are "Hudson" brand.  The closest thing I can find online to the baskets are at Target.  The large is $19.99 and small is $14.99.
After I found the letters and baskets I knew I couldn't stop there.  My classroom wouldn't look cohesive right?  I began shopping rugs.  My old ones were only 3 years old, but took a lot of wear and tear from 1st graders over the years.  I brought them home every summer for a good cleaning, but it was apparent to me that I would need to find something new this year.  

Since I was going for the Fixer Upper inspired thing I thought I should try to bring the outdoors in.  The best way I could think to do that was with green shag carpets to look like grass.  I found the perfect rugs at IKEA.  So of course, I coerced my hubby to pack up the 3 kids and drive me there.  It is about an hour and half away.  The rugs are normally $39.99, but were on sale for $29.99 with the IKEA reward card.  While we were there I also picked up some white cardboard book boxes (4 pack for .99) and a black work lamp ($32.99).

As I was bringing all of this decor in I realized my bulletin boards could not stay as they were.  I began shopping TPT and found this ADORABLE Farmhouse Classroom Decor pack by Tiffany Gannon.

My favorite pieces of the pack are the calendar area, number posters (WITH touch points), and number line.  I highly suggest checking this out.

My alphabet line was currently bright pinks, oranges, greens, yellows, and blues.  It did NOT go with my theme at all.  I knew I wanted a throw back look.  I found this perfect alphabet at United Arts and Education for $10.99.

I finally rounded out the whole look for some pieces made by me.  I added a clip chart, birthday display, student work display numbers, schedule cards, and a few other touches that you can find in my Shiplap Classroom Decor pack.

Are you ready to see the final look? These pictures were taken before I added my final touches.  I will be updating pictures soon.  The start of the school year was Monday and well..... enough said right?

This is how I felt on Friday afternoon.

Here it is...

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  1. Your classroom looks SO beautiful! I wish I could be a student there and the style is so very you :)

    1. Thank you so much! That is such HIGH praise from someone like you. You have such an eye for beautiful things, so for you to say my room is beautiful... I am in 7th heaven! Thank you!


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