Dog Days of Summer $1 Sale!

My Indiana blogger friends and I are at it again!  This time with a Dog Days of Summer $1 Sale!  This sale blows my mind every time we have one.  The amazing discounts are out of this world!

For the next two days I will have 4 of my favorite products discounted to $1!  If you buy all 3 it is a savings of $5.50.  Who couldn't use a little extra cash in their pockets to spend on more amazing classroom materials?

I have included some of my favorite beginning of the year and fall products.

This is probably one of my all time favorite products!  Fall Fun! with Nouns and Adjectives features activities for both whole group and small group including Nouns Sort and a I Have... Who Has game.

The Lemonade Themed Accelerated Reader Pack is the perfect way to encourage little readers to reach for their goals and become stronger readers.

I love that I have Mystery Readers come to the classroom! We had our first reader for the new school year come yesterday and the kids LOVED every minute of it.  I even got the sweetest email from the mom.  Check it out:

Pumpkins Galore has been a huge hit in the past with my kiddos.  They really love Pumpkin War and even requested that I create more themed war games so I did with Love War (more to come this year).

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you are having a wonderful start to your new school year OR are enjoying the last few days of summer.
Check out the amazing products from my friends below.

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