The Quietest Pencil Sharpener EVER!!

Hey Everybody!!  Today I am doing my first ever review and I could not have a better product for my first go.  I have the Quietest Pencil Sharpener Ever and you can find it at Classroom Friendly Supplies.

I received the sharpener in the mail very quickly and I requested one that would match my classroom.  It is bright pink also known as Precious Pink! LOVE it!  There are a few color choices to pick from.  As soon as I opened the box I could not have been happier.  

I immediately got out a pencil and tried to sharpen it.  I honestly have to tell you I had a little trouble, but there are some great troubleshooting tips and a video {here}.  As soon as I watched the video I tried it again and I had a perfectly sharpened pencil in seconds.  I could not believe the beautiful tip I had and how easy it was.  

Here are the steps to a perfectly sharpened pencil (I skipped the clamping part):
1. Squeeze the black cubes at the top and pull the silver portion out.

2. Insert the pencil while squeezing the black cubes.

3. Hold the sharpener at the top with your left hand and begin cranking with the right hand.  The silver portion will begin to retract as you crank
4.  You will feel and hear a difference in the sharpener when the pencil is complete.  Squeeze the black cubes again to remove the pencil. 

 I cannot believe I have been using junky school sharpeners and wasting my money on electric sharpeners.  I am not lying when I say this is the best sharpener I have ever laid my hands on!!  

I have some exciting news for you!  Classroom Friendly Supplies is offering you 5% off of your very own pencil sharpener!  You can use the code PAJVUC by September 6th.  Trust me you NEED this sharpener in your classroom or even home office.

Go grab yours to have in time for the start of the school year!

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  1. You convinced me!! After seeing so many other posts about them, I had to grab one. Bonus that it comes in pink too ;) Thanks so much for the coupon code!!! :) Now to stalk the mailbox for it to come in!! ;)

    Sun, Sand & Second Grade


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