Tour of My Classroom

Today I'm linking up with Flying High in First Grade. She is doing a walk around the classroom linky and if you are anything like me to LOVE to look around other rooms.


I apologize in advance for the poor quality.  I am only able to take 1 minute segments and then I send them via text to my hubby.  I was able to email them to myself, so here is hoping they turn out ok.  This is my first year teaching first and I have to say I am OVERWHELMED!    There are so many great ideas out there and I feel like I have to do everything.  I think in the end I did NONE of the stuff I set out to do!  LOL!  So here it is!

Any comments and suggestions are welcome!  I have a HUGE to do list to do and the kids start on Tuesday, so here is hoping I get it done!


  1. You have made a lot of suggestions. I think it's good to not have a ton of stuff up out of the gate {although I never adhere to that} because you'll quickly fill it with anchor charts and student work!

    Lookin' good!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. Thanks! I keep telling myself that it is ok!

  3. Great size room. Setting up a classroom is such hard work but incredibly satisfying and fun. Happy 2013-2014 School Year!

    Making Each Day Count


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