A funny Daily 5 moment

I was chatting with a fellow co-worker and this story came up and she said you HAVE to blog about that, so here it is...

I returned reluctantly to my classroom in November from maternity leave.  I knew one of the first things I wanted to introduce to my students was Daily 5.  I started it last year with my students, but only did Daily 2; Read to Self and Read to Someone.   I was ready to go all in this time.  I started with Read to Self and I was VERY specific about the rules of Daily 5.  1) Get started right away. 2) Stay in one spot. 3) Read the whole time. 4) Read quietly and 5) Build stamina.  They were so excited to get started and to please me since I was new.  The first day went great!  We did a few minutes of Read to Self and checked in with each other.  Everyone did a perfect job. The next day started off great, but it all changed within minutes.  One of my students quietly came up to me and said they had an accident.  Keep in mind I teach 2nd graders and this doesn't happen very often.  I just figured I scared him so much he didn't want to approach me.  I sent him to the nurse and we didn't mention it again.  The next day I had ANOTHER boy have an accident too! I am not kidding!  They were SO SCARED to break stamina!  From that day on I made sure to tell students they are not to interrupt me unless they were bleeding, throwing up, or about to have an accident.  Needless to say that has not happened since!  Has this happened to you in D5????

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