Academic Field Day

So this concept of Academic Field Day has been bouncing around my mind since last May.  I had BIG plans to create it during my maternity leave after I failed to come up with nothing over summer break.  Well 8 weeks of maternity leave came and went with no progress on my idea.  May came around again and this idea was still tugging on my brain strings.  Our school's annual field day was quickly approaching and there was rain in the forecast.  Usually our field day is a whole day event, but the rain plan was to cut it down to just our 45 minute specials time.  Ummmm there is a big difference when lesson planning for a whole day vs. small spurts of time between events.   I wasn't about to show movies all day!  That was my plan for the last day after all.  Hehe! When I found out this rain plan it was Saturday afternoon and field day was on Tuesday.  I told myself it was time to bring my idea to life and form Plan B.  I scrambled and created over my entire Memorial Day break and I have to say I am so proud of the outcome.  I got all of the items you see at Dollar Tree.  This was such an inexpensive event!  Keep reading to see Academic Field Day in action.  My kids had a BLAST!

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